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Rosalinda Snuggs
Rosalinda Snuggs • 2 years ago

Sea-horse courtship: A Poem-- Did you swim side-by-side holding tails/ Before wheeling around in a frenzy of pre-dawn waltz—/ And do the milky white passages of the Hippocampus/ (For which you are richly named)/ Hold the blessings of Paschal eggs traded in unison?/ Poem written on the third day of Passover 2012 (Easter Sunday), following a walk on the beach upon which I came upon a tiny sea-horse covered in salt, expired, thrown from the waves onto the sand.

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Flirting with the dunes: According to David Crouch, there is a sense of playful negotiation & contingent potentiality resident in acts of flirting. Flirtatiousness is a means by which to re-think our understanding of relationality as an open site of becoming, to be receptive to the language of sea/space on the land/wash, & to open our selves to topography in ways that facilitate possibility. In an open world, can flirting with the sea/side help facilitate serious hope?

Notes from my WD: Spray hits the rocks before its long lingering moment of descent. There’s a cool north easterly rising, nipping at flesh,rocks slipping black into the sea like onyx, & the rising ghosts of ancient things caught napping. Now the wind heaves with sea-foam echoing off high notes of a river from the barrens that cuts through the garden like a lover running to the sea. Steam rises from rocks to the sounds of a great low growl of stones being dragged to the deep. (JPR)

A Taste for the Library (unpublished poem): Beneath its firm exterior/ Of floor to ceiling shelves/ Weighted with walnut and words/ It displays a surprising vulnerability My library:/ A taste for secrecy and subversion/ Desires for radical coherence/ A catalogue of/ Books that have been written/ And those that will be written/ ....Books that make a room/ Into a pure democracy/ And books that readers crave who seek asylum/ Knowing there are no crimes of hospitality here.

Power geometries in motion: jellyfish.

Lightning Over Bloor: "....I had always suspected The poet’s powerful leanings, but now I reckoned How few exchanges we had actually come to know Between pedagogy, providence, and rain...." (Excerpt from poem forthcoming in Academic Matters, Judith P. Robertson, May, 2012.)

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