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Anastasia Koki
Anastasia Koki • 2 years ago


  • Jenifer Ha
    Jenifer Ha • 2 years ago

    If you fast for ten hours and then eat a small meal that sounds almost like anorexia..

  • Kelly Hood
    Kelly Hood • 2 years ago

    Well, if you are doing IF correctly, you don't eat a "small meal". You eat enough calories (based on if you are trying to gain/maintain/lose). For example, if I am on my IFing schedule of 16/8, I will do a 16 hour fast (from 9:00 p.m. at night until 1:00 p.m. the next day). Then I will eat during that 8 hour time. I personally feel better eating a larger amount of cals at one setting. I feel more satisfied. Studies have also shown benefits of fasted workouts. If you are "fasting" and eating a small meal of 300 calories for your whole day's allotment, yes, that's anorexia. Anyway, look at and tell me if the founder looks anorexic :)

  • Tyler Alexander-Perry
    Tyler Alexander-Perry • 2 years ago

    So true. Alot of people try to do it the fastest way possible, but when it comes down to health/weight loss you shouldnt have to starve yourself. Old school methods like eating less and burning more calories never goes wrong :)

  • Erin Philyaw
    Erin Philyaw • 2 years ago

    Yeah the last sentence isnt true. There is lots of pro research for intermittent fasting. It will slim you down like mad. You could always have a high calorie day and fast the day after. Even better!

  • Jess Pavolic
    Jess Pavolic • 2 years ago

    I eat all the time and when I eat I eat a lot. It's just how I've always been and I'm still 5'7" and 120 lbs. I dance and I work out a lot! You shouldn't have to starve yourself if you excercise!

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