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  • Lee Blume

    Zombie says to self "Wow, that is quite amazing the way those logs are stacked straight up with no visible means for support along the sides. There must be a very talented person around here somewhere with a very tasty brain." Nom nom nom........... Gotta love that giant window seam too.

This. Would. Be. Awesome.'s B.

  • Joann Piccioli

    B is the most logical and you don't have to stare at the cut end. What's with you people? Barbarians!

  • Kristen Stenz

    I don't think there is a debate! Everyone loves B!

  • Jon Holliman

    I prefer "B" but had to change to "A" when I got a cat.

  • Kristen Stenz

    Yea me too, but I still like B

  • Lee Blume

    I guess I'm the odd one. I prefer "A". It's easier to wrap around my hand and then to roll it back up all I have to do is swat in a downwards motion at it to roll it all back up nice and tidy. I really don't understand the appeal of "B". I'd be interested to know if right or left handedness has anything to do with preference. I'm a lefty.

Now that's perspective. Fast food is NEVER worth it.

haha awesome...