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We had to wear uniform gym clothes and tennis shoes!

Remember the ropes! Had to do this in gym class .

Always wore dresses like this to school, girls were not allowed to wear pants, except in the winter and you had to wear them under your dress and remove them when you got to school! Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog and J C Penny's too!

school dress ... girls could not wear pants & dresses could only be just above the knee...

dying art....shorthand What a fun class this was, 2 years in high school.

Sun suits

1968--school assembly- girls wore skirts. No slacks or jeans. Clean and combed hair. In most schools, the girl on the far left front seat would probably be sent home to change - her skirt was too short. Teachers checked by having you kneel. Your hem had to brush the floor. By the late 60s though, many schools had given up trying to ban the miniskirt. You did have to wear stockings or tights, though - NO bare legs!

  • Cindy Blue

    The principal made me get on my knees, to see if the skirt hem reached the floor. Mom had to bring a brown paper bag with a longer skirt. At least I got out of class.

  • Cindy Blue

    I remember my friend Kathy, frantically tugging at my skirt to lengthen it (of course I had it rolled up) on our long walk to the principal's office. To no avail. Busted. Why didn't they just let us wear pants?!

  • kathy

    In 1970, the rebellious junior class girls all wore hip hugger, bell bottom jeans to school sometime around November I think and it was pandemonium in my school! Within two months (after meetings with the administration, PTA, parents worried about moral decay I imagine) we could wear jeans to school. Still makes me smile to think about it.

  • Cindy Blue

    Progressive...we had to start with slacks!

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I loved my chalk and chalkboard. Played school after school. Memories.

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