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More like this: the selection, the journey and numbers.
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Keith Gradwell
Keith Gradwell • 2 years ago

Jews who had just undergone selection at Auschwitz-Birkenau and were classified as “not fit for work” in a grove before being gassed. The undressing rooms of the crematorium were not sufficient to handle the vast numbers of Hungarian Jews arriving daily in the summer of 1944. Many had to wait in the grove beside the crematorium, exhausted and in a state of shock from the horrors of the journey and the selection process that they had just endured. Most had no idea what fate awaited them

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Family of Slovak Jew Lili Jacob (her aunt Tauba with her four children) awaiting for a selection at the ramp in Birkenau. During the selection all were send to gas chambers. The transport from the ghetto in Beregszasz in Hungary left on May 17, 1944 and arrived on May 27, 1945. (Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Archives)

dr. fritz klein stands in a mass grave at bergen-belsen concentration camp ... his main duty was the selection of prisoners to be sent into the gas chambers ... from 1942-1944 transport trains delivered jews, romani, people with disabilities, political & religious opponents and others deemed undesirable to “forced labor camps”

The Wannsee List—Drawn up by Third Reich leaders at the Wannsee Conference on 20 January 1942 that detailed the estimated number of Jews living in each European country at the time, including the 334,000 in the Britain and Ireland. The total number came to 11 million, which the Nazi intended to exterminate. Estonia is listed as judenfrei, or “Free of Jews”

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, A Young Disabled Person Deemed Unfit for Labor, After the Selection

“…all dials work the same way and are easy to use.” If I presented that concept to the R gang at Apple, and offered them the rights to it, I wonder if they would cut me a check for $17 million. God knows they don’t have anything like this in place right now.

A partially clothed Jewish woman who is a passenger on the Iasi death train, walks beside the train during a stop on the journey.

Titanic by the Numbers

This is maybe one of the most powerful pictures I have ever seen. The numbers on the arms are from prisoners of Nazi concentration camps.

The graves of the Titanic dead Most of the gravestones identical, with the name and identification number of the victim, and the identical date of death, 15 April 1912. There are over 300 graves in Halifax, most in this cemetery, and also some in the Roman Catholic and Jewish cemeteries.

Nuremberg Rally, 1935. the annual rally of the Nazi Party in Germany, held from 1923 to 1938. was intended to symbolize the solidarity between the German people and the Nazi Party. This point was further emphasized by the yearly growing number of participants, which finally reached over half a million from all sections of the party, the army and the state. Each rally was given a programmatic title, which related to recent national events

Mary Mallon is also known as Typhoid Mary. From 1901-1907, she cooked for a number of families spreading Typhoid throughout N.Y. In 1907 she was quarantined, but was released in 1910 under the condition that she never again work as a cook. In 1915, an outbreak of typhoid fever was traced to a hospital cook: "Mrs. Brown." This turned out to be Mary Mallon cooking under an assumed name. She was immediately sent back to North Brother Island, where she was forced to remain for the rest of her life.