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I almost cried I laughed so hard at this.

But why can't I stop laughing?!?

  • Jessie Hicks

    No, lady, YOU make me laugh. Porn baby? Really?

  • Alexandra Parker

    Just look at her picture. Obviously what she sees in the mirror offends her.

  • Samantha Adkins

    For real take a shower before you take a profile pic. Or keep searching pinterest for a recipe to fry something and use up all that grease in your hair. You're welcome.

  • Zentranced

    How can you be offended by a woman's body when you see one every day? Seriously, do you just close your eyes every time you shower (However infrequent that may be) or use the bathroom or change? Get the rod out of your ass, I will not watch my mouth around a stupid shit like you. I do not respect you enough to censor myself or care if you're offended. Also the whole "Porn baby" comment is first off, one of the dumbest insults I've heard, you really suck at calling people names, and second, classless. Don't bitch about class then say something like that, it just makes you look ridiculous, and trust me, you don't need any help looking ridiculous.

  • Catherine Shock

    That's so cute

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I can't stop laughing

I can't stop laughing.

I'm dying