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PSP Tutorial - Using Images & Not Tubes - Personality of Many Colors

Love this: "Einstein was once asked what the difference was between him and the average person. He said that if you asked the average person to find a needle in the haystack, the person would stop when he or she found a needle. He, on the other hand, would tear through the entire haystack looking for all the possible needles.)

The Beautiful Art Program: "This is not a manifesto. It is not intended to encourage a creative practice in anybody but ourselves. Unlike our Realtime Art Manifesto of 2006. The Beautiful Art Program is a list of resolutions, goals and intentions for our own personal use. A guide for the next 10 years of our artistic activity."

"In The Art of Failure I ask: why do we do it? Why do we play video games even though they make us unhappy? The Art of Failure discusses the many possible explanations of this paradox, and while I propose an answer to the problem, the journey itself is meant to offer a new explanation of what it is that games do. The book combines personal confessions about failure with philosophy, game design analysis, psychology and fiction theory."

"The Ten Principles for Good Design, Part 1" - by Mark Rosewater (Design Manager for Magic: The Gathering)

"That optimum amount of salt, sugar, or fat is called the bliss point. Scientists also adjust these ingredients as well as factors such as crunchiness to produce a mouthfeel—that is, the way the food feels inside a person’s mouth—that causes consumers to crave more. Technologists can also induce a flavor burst by altering the size and shape of the salt crystals themselves so that they basically assault the taste buds into submission."

"Designing the Universe" - Jonathan Blow & Marc Ten Bosch, IndieCade 2011

Identity for Vårdapoteket, a Swedish pharmacy chain, by Stockholm Design Lab (www.stockholmdesi...)