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thats true love!

  • Alfred Robichaux Jr.

    & I rather ( that's what it should have said). Lol. (Not Office )

  • Nancy Symns

    As do I!!! There are some people I talk to on a regular basis. (you can hide your feelings so well on a text by how you punctuate it, for example. And some people just don't need to know. That's good and bad. And there's nothing like hearing the voice of a loved on personally. Unfortunately, there is no "loved one" in my life now other than my only daughter. Until then, if ever, my dog is my best friend and confidant!

  • Nancy Symns

    She has no choice! I'm the one who feeds and loves her. Can't find much better loyalty than a dogs love. My opinion, but I believe it!

  • Alfred Robichaux Jr.

    Well Nancy you have you Family (Daughter) & your best friend your Dog she will always love you. I feel like you it's better instead of texting well that how I would ratter talk then text. You need 2 talk 2 someone sometimes. Call me I'm always alone. I'm retired from the post office in New Orleans. That's were I'm from. Moved here in Monroe La. After Katrina hit I'll city

  • Alfred Robichaux Jr.'s my cell phone. Good Night Nancy sleep Well

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lol...soooo true ;)