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Michelle Gillies
Michelle Gillies • 2 years ago

These Redheads Do Not Tread Gingerly!

  • Becky Hanacek
    Becky Hanacek • 2 years ago


  • ShinyPebble *
    ShinyPebble * • 2 years ago

    There is something very special about red heads/gingers! Every time I see them I wish I was one of them.

  • Corie Zimmerman
    Corie Zimmerman • 2 years ago

    Redheads are the best!

  • Jennifer Sears
    Jennifer Sears • 2 years ago

    Michelle - thank you for taking the time to write that. I guess with my son being 3 years old I'm still sensitive to it and a little protective. I have light brown hair and my Husband has blonde hair and when my son was born with red hair it was a little bit of a shock but he gets compliments about it all the time. When people call him a "ginger" we kind of look at each other and say - are they being nice or poking fun? I wouldn't want his hair to be any other color and I do think it makes him unique. Your Mom sounds amazing. If all Moms were like her I wouldn't have to worry about my Son being teased. :)

  • Hope Young
    Hope Young • 2 years ago

    My beautiful 8 year old daughter has red hair and has never been teased about it; instead, she is the envy of most grown women and little girls who meet her! I've had women stop us in the grocery store to tell her, "Honey, I've tried my whole life to get that color hair!" We make sure she knows that while her hair is beautiful, it is HER that is gorgeous!!

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