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Fur animals are usually anally or vaginally shocked, and skinned while still alive, then dumped in a pile to die a slow agonizing excruciating death!

Just think of these animals, who live their life in fear, in pain, in CRUELTY. You may not be able to stop fur farms, but you can stop buying from them. Boycott these horrific places. If no one buys from them, they'll go out of business, and the animals can be free.

Fur Hags. 20 Celebrities Who Wear Fur (ignoring the agonising death of animals who are skinned alive to produce these "glamour" items !). Please consider using social media to tell these people and their sponsors that you will stop buying their music, labeled /sponsored products, movies etc. if morality does not work, perhaps economics will.

Lady Gaga in her $24,000 Armani rabbit fur coat (confirmed real) a few days ago. Gaga, like the Kardashians, is fully aware of the gruesome process of skinning animals alive to make fur coats and still buys them. She wasn’t “born this way.” She is just cruel this way. Disgusting, filthy bitch.

Shirley Manson for PETA: "Here's the rest of your FUR COAT".

Patrick, The Incredible Pit Bull… this makes me want to beat people. How can you do this to a beautiful animal?!

Any fur, even so-called "faux fur" may just be a dog. It shouldn't matter what kind of animal died, but since it does...

Your faux fur could be cat or dog. Be safe and avoid all fur - faux or otherwise!

Support these cruelty free products. No need to test on animals. Share this, save it and print it. Spread the word so people know how easy it is to go cruelty free.

Such a touching story about Cadence, a rescued bait dog who has been rehabilitated and is now available for adoption! Some people are so amazing!