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Cardinal Wolsey's 1522 Portable Sundial

Henry VIII with Thomas Wolsey

Henry Monro, 'The Disgrace of Wolsey' exhibited 1814 -- painting of Cardinal Wolsey attempting to persuade Catherine of Aragon to admit her marriage was invalid and join a nunnery. It was assumed that because Catherine was so pious that she would willingly retire to a convent. However, she defied that assumption and all the powerful men in England at that time, including her husband, by refusing to acknowledge her marriage as a sham and her daughter as a bastard.

Cardinal Wolsey Refusing to Deliver up the Seals of His Office

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Cardinal Wolsey's - from the original painting in the collection of Mr. John Wolfe, New York

15th century screen given by Cardinal Wolsey at the Bloxham Parish Church of Our Lady, Oxfordshire. "It was under Royal patronage until 1547. 14th and 15th century tracery embellishes the windows and the vivid imagination of the 14th century 'Banbury carvers' creates a wonderful bestiary of grotesque and comic scenes."

Herbert Beerbohm Tree as Cardinal Wolsey in 'Henry Vlll'

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey - Minister to King Hnery VIII. Wolsey was a very competent advisor but became embroiled in the King's divorce from Katherine of Aragon. The King turned against him and he would have probably been executed, but died before he could be arrested. Anne Boelyn hated him and took his magnificent residence after he fell from favor.

Stuart's description of Thomas Wolsey as "Henry VIII's most able and devoted minister" is accurate, but ability and devotion meant nothing to Henry VIII. Henry stripped the able cardinal of his office and estate just because the Church took too long to annul Henry's first marriage so he could start his second one. Most of the good that came out of Henry's insane reign, both legally & materially, was because of Cardinal Wolsey, who thankfully died before the king could execute him.

"The Great Matter" In this painting depicting Henry's court sometime during 1525-1530, the main players of 'The Great Matter' are portrayed. In this large portrait, Henry VIII is seen intimately wooing Anne Boleyn in court behind his wife, Katherine of Aragon. To Henry and Anne's left is the Spanish ambassador showing digust at the scene in front of him. And to the right of Katherine is Cardinal Wolsey.

ISABEL DE PORTUGAL by the lost gallery, via Flickr No information about the painting!!!! :/