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Heidi Doggett
Heidi Doggett • 2 years ago

I find all the nail-polished and Sharpied Barbies around Pinterest lately disturbing. So I created Never-Nude Barbie. Never Nude Barbie was taught as a child that any form of nudity is either uncomfortable, embarrassing, immodest, or sinful. As a teenager, she constantly worried whether her clothes might "make boys have bad thoughts," and now that she's married, she's self-conscious about being naked in front of her husband and feels guilty if it seems like something she's wearing turns him on.

  • Kendell Soper
    Kendell Soper • 2 years ago

    As a true never nude, Barbie should wear a pair of cutoff denim shorts under all of her clothing. ;)

  • Erin Kelly
    Erin Kelly • 2 years ago

    OMG did no one get the Arrested Development reference in this....

  • izus
    izus • 2 years ago

    If you want them not be body conscious.. Bring them to a beach to see real people with lives, scars and wrinkles or to Cirque d Solais to show it's awesome power used to its full potential.. far away from the barbie image or TV versions of 'beautiful'. That should affirm that all bodies come in different shapes and sizes and their bodies are not to be ashamed of and it's not all about sex. First and foremost don't be ashamed of your own body and your child will learn from this.

  • Natanya Michaud
    Natanya Michaud • 2 years ago

    i used to UNDRESS the barbies when i was little lol and i'm not some sex crazed teenager

  • Carol Hull
    Carol Hull • 47 weeks ago

    I taught my young granddaughters barbies were evil, teaching them induldance and matialistic behavior. Could not wait untill the brothers broke off the bar bies heads off. Which they did with out me saying any thing. They are all normal adults now. Still hate barbies.

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