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JEREMIAH 29:11 - HOW DO WE DEAL WITH DISCOURAGEMENT? - Do you ever feel tempted to give up? Perhaps right now you feel overlooked, forgotten, mistreated, and you want to quit. Satan's goal is to get you to do just that - throw in the towel and call it quits. Discouragement is one of his most effective weapons. But remember this: While disappointments are inevitable, discouragement is a choice. You do not have to yield to Satan's debilitating whispers of doubt and fear or be trapped in self-pity. If we are ever going to reach our full potential, we must understand a very important truth: God is for us. He is not against us. He often uses trials to position us for greater blessing, and even in times of great disappointment, we can trust that He has our best in mind and will work all things out for our good. He knows how He wants to use the disappointment or hardship for our benefit, and He desires that we see Him as our only source of salvation and blessing. When you feel tempted to yield to discouragement, go to God in prayer. Tell Him all you are feeling. God has an objective view of the situation. He sees the future and knows the direction your life will take. He also wants you to totally depend on Him and not rely on the compliments of others, earthly success, or worldly resources to make you happy. While disappointments will come - you live in a fallen world, after all - you can live above it by focusing your heart on Jesus Christ. If you are in an emotionally or physically difficult spot right now, refuse to become discouraged. Ask the Lord to reveal His Will and plan for your life. Commit yourself fully to Him and obey Him no matter what it cost you. If you take this approach, then God will provide for you in ways that far exceed human understanding. - 6/3/14 #hope and #future