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Brieann Hathaway
Brieann Hathaway • 2 years ago

72 Hour Checklist It is finally finished!  The list for what you will need for your 72 Hour Emergency Go Bags/Tornado Bags/ or Emergency Kits is below. The whole idea behind this is to have a backpack for each person in your family. Store a Go Bag under each person’s bed, or hang them in the garage.  If you have a fire, earthquake, tornado, flood or other natural disaster, you can grab the bag and go!  You won’t be running around like a crazy person trying to grab what you can in only a matter of minutes.  It’s SO important to be prepared!! And by using the great deals we get all of the time to create our bags, you will be prepared for just about anything!  In my area alone, we have had a huge fire and 3 earthquakes.  If that isn’t a sign that I need to be prepared, I’m not sure what is. Backpack Clothing Long Sleeve Shirt Sweat Pants/Pants Warm Hat Underwear & Socks Water-1 Gallon per person or 4 Liters (rotate every 1-2 years) Food-what you would typically eat (rotate every six months) Protein-Granola Bars, Peanut Butter To-go Trail Mix/Dried Fruit Gum Crackers/Cereal Canned Foods (don’t use the “pop-top lids” they can leak. Also, we don’t really suggest jerky, as it can “flavor” other things) Infant Formula if needed Emergency Supplies Small First Aid Kit Emergency Blanket 6 Hand warmers Whistle/Compass Pocket knife Face Mask Battery Operated Radio Mess kit/Spork Shovel Rope Duct Tape Poncho Can Opener Blanket Axe Sheet (cloth/plastic) Batteries Hygiene Toothbrush/Toothpaste Chapstick Soap Washcloth Antibacterial gel/wipes Tissues (take the cardboard roll out of the TP and you can stick it in a ziplock easier) Sunscreen Shampoo Deodorant Brush Floss Towel Feminine Products Shampoo Light Flashlight/Batteries Matches Candle Glow Sticks Lighter Flares Money Small bills Coins (quarters) Pre-paid phone card Credit Card Fun Post-it notes Notepad Crayons Pen/Pencils Bean Bag Dice Card Games Sharpies Markers Personal Information Copy of records Current Family Picture Social Security Number Addresses & Phone Numbers Emergency Contacts Emergency Plan Medicine Tylenol/Excedrin Ibuprofen Children’s medicine Any Prescriptions you would need Immunization Records Helpful Hints: This is just a sample of a 72 hour kit. It’s a start. The idea is a little overwhelming in the beginning but if you can get one started and add to it here and there, then it won’t seem like such a hard task. You can add or take out what best fits you and your family’s needs. Remember that these bags may need to be carried, so keep that in mind when you are buying and packing things up. Unfortunately, the battery operated radio is a little on the expensive side, but making sure it’s a good one is better than paying less for one and having it not work. It’s up to you. The thing that makes me the craziest, is rotating…one more thing to remember to do. If you attach a spreadsheet on when it needs to be rotated and when it was last rotated, it will help you keep track. Or pick two important dates during the year and associate them with your 72 Hour Kits- maybe your Birthday and your Anniversary that are about 6 months apart. If you have multiple children, try getting clothing that can be worn by both girls and boys, then you can just rotate the older children’s clothing out and put it in the next child’s pack. Here in Utah, we have four seasons, even if it is summer and you have sweat pants and long sleeves in your 72 hour kit, you can always cut the sleeves off your shirts as well as cut your pants into shorts. If you separate items and put them in gallon sized ziploc bags, it will help you prevent “flavoring” other items, as well as keeping it dry. Remember to buy Snacks that you typically would eat on a regular basis. If there is a disaster, your kids will already be in a traumatic state and having to eat weird or unfamiliar food might make matters worse.

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