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Joann Thompson
Joann Thompson • 2 years ago

Saddam Hussein approved executions, acts of torture and rape. Public beheadings of women who were accuse of prostitution and took place in front of family members including children. The heads of the women were publicly displayed near signs reading 'For the honor of Iraq.' 130 women were reportedly killed in this manner, but the estimation is probably higher.

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Saddam Hussein was hanged on December 30th, 2006, for Crimes Against Humanity.

Paul John Knowles- The Casanova Killer. Serial killer tied to the deaths of 18 people in 1974, though he claimed to have taken 35 lives. Knowles went on a murderous spree across America, killing, robbing and raping a number of men, women and children.

LIP - Andre Crawford killed 11 women between 1993 to 1997. Many of the women were prostitutes or drug addicts. He would smoke crack after killing them and also had sex with their corpses. Sentenced to life in prison without parole on December 17, 2009.

Marc Lépine (October 26, 1964 – December 6, 1989) was a 25-year-old man from Montreal, Canada who murdered fourteen women and wounded ten women and four men[1] at the École Polytechnique, an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal, in the "École Polytechnique massacre", also known as the "Montreal Massacre".

Derek t Percy is a sadistic child-murderer, who was imprisoned for murdering Yvonne Elizabeth Tuohy on a Victorian beach in July 1969.Declared not guilty by reason of insanity April 1970,he remained imprisoned because he was considered too dangerous. In December 2005 it was claimed that he had committed other murders but would not admit them for fear of harming any hope of being released in the future. He died in prison on July 23, 2013

CTL - Christina Walters, a leader of a local Crips gang, was convicted in the August 17, 1988, murders of 18-year-old Tracy Lambert and 21-year-old Susan Moore. She was also tried for the attempted murder of Debra Cheeseborough. The murders were done as a gang initiation and the victims were chosen at random. Sentenced to death on July 6, 2000. Commuted to life in prison without the possibility of parole on December 12, 2012.

Emmi G.,16, diagnosed as schizophrenic, fell victim to the Euthanasia Program, Germany's first mass murder program, one of many eugenic measures to restore German racial "integrity" by killing those with disabilities. At first only infants and toddlers were killed, but the program eventually included juveniles up to 17. At least 5,000 German children perished in the "euthanasia" program. Emmi was sterilized and later killed with an overdose of tranquilizers on December 7, 1942.

Here is the story: Dead children tied to a tree, Village of Kobzowa (powiat of Tarnopol), 1923. Four killed Roma children tied to tree by their mentally ill mother after her husband was arrested and her Roma group dissolved. The murder took place in night of 11/12 December 1923.

Charles Ng - He is believed to have murdered between 11 and 25 victims with his accomplice Leonard Lake at Lake's ranch in Calaveras County, California. Rape and torture were also used.

Mary Pearcey (1866 –1890) was an English woman who was convicted of murdering her lover's wife, Mrs. Phoebe Hogg, and child, Phoebe, on 24 October 1890 and executed for the crime on 23 December of the same year. The crime is sometimes mentioned in connection with Jack the Ripper, and Pearcey has been posited as a Ripper candidate.

Joseph Stalin- Soviet Dictator, Mass Murderer

Fritz Klein (November 24, 1888 – December 13, 1945) was a German Nazi physician hanged for his role in atrocities at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during the Holocaust.