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Annette Mercier St Hilaire

The Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee stands where the Bell Farm used to be. The Bell family was tormented mercilessly by a scary entity known as the Bell Witch. Legends say the Bell Witch haunted the area around the cave for hundreds of years. For the entire story: www.legendsofamer...

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Haunted Ohio: In Kirtland, a mysterious grave exists at the side of a rural road. Supposedly, it is the grave of a witch executed by local townsfolk in the early 1800′s. If you are lucky enough to find the grave, and even braver still to approach it, something *strange* happens: If you stare at the grave, turn your back to it, then turn around again, the grave will move closer to you. Folk lore? who know?

The so called Trenton Hatchet Man makes his home at the Hickory Flat Cemetery. Urban legend says that if you try to enter cemetery after dark, a man dressed in old, dirty clothes will chase you away. He is supposedly the old caretaker of the cemetery who was killed by a maniac with a hatchet. Where did said maniac come from, and what was his beef with the caretaker? I haven’t been able to figure that out, but now, in an odd twist of fate I suppose, the caretaker haunts the cemetery …

Bell Witch Cave & Canoe Rental. One of America's most haunted places!!

One pinner said, THIS IS A GHOST STORY. FOR THE PAST 46 YEARS, the two of us—Ken, a newspaper publisher, and me, a history professor—have been haunted by what happened to Pan American Airways Flight 7 early in the evening of November 9, 1957. The airliner, Clipper Romance of the Skies, was on the first leg of a round-the-world journey that began earlier that day in San Francisco. Its next stop was to have been Honolulu, but the Boeing 377—known by the airline as PAA-944—never arrived. It cras