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The Hunger Games, Hollywood, and Fighting Fuck Toys (click thru for analysis) - OR: How Katniss Sells Tickets To Women, And Why Sucker Puch Failed To

This Tumblr is awesome. The Hunger Games fandom has some serious race and reading comprehension issues, apparently. It is amazing and infuriating to read some of the angry and hateful things people are saying about the casting of these characters.

Income by Occupation and Race (click through for analysis)

Heteronormative Halloween Costumes for Couples (click thru for analysis)

4 Things The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About The War On Women - "Though they’re sometimes framed that way, neither the story nor the current culture battle are really a war between the sexes: when women can't acquire contraception and our sexuality is policed, men lose out too. . . . Like The Hunger Games, this is actually war between the haves and have nots, with women's bodies as a battlefield."

Skin Tone and the Arbitrariness of Race (click thru for analysis)

Selling Cleaning and Parenting to Women Only (click thru for analysis)

From Appearance to Identity: How Census Data Collection Changed Race in America (click thru for analysis)

"Sociology Student Sheep": Humor for Sociologists and Those Who Love Them (click thru for analysis)

"Can We Make Math Pink?" (click thru for analysis)

The Stroop Effect: Measuring Our Unconscious (click thru for analysis)

Decorating Whiteness with the Dark, Exotic Other in Fashion (click thru for analysis)