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Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family • 1 year ago

Dave Madden, the voice of Bernard Walton shares a laugh in the studio. What's your favorite AIO quote?

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The goofy Odyssey cast after recording “The Triangled Web" episode. Standing, from left: Sound design Jonathan Crowe, executive producer Dar Arnold, sound designer Nathan Jones, actors Fabio Stephens (Curt Stevens), Genni Long (Lucy Cunningham-Schultz), Donald Long (Jack Davis), Katie Leigh (Connie), David Griffin (Jimmy Barclay), producer Marshal Younger. Sitting, from left: Actors Will Ryan (Eugene), Dave Madden (Bernard Walton), Paul Herlinger (Whit), and host Chris Anthony

Will Ryan, the voice of Eugene Meltsner, interviews Corey Burton, the voice of Cryin’ Bryan Dern

Townsend Coleman, voice of Jason Whittaker, in studio.

The voice of marshal Matt Dylan

We are so excited to have Katie Leigh, voice over artist most well-known for voicing Connie Kendell in the long running radio series "Adventures in Odyssey", as a masterclass instructor this year at the MasterWorks Festival!

LOVING the hair! Meet the voice behind Robyn Jacobs. It's Sage Bolte!

Jess Harnell, the voice of Wooton Basset gives a thumbs up for Adventures in Odyssey

Check out those glasses! David Griffith, the voice of Jimmy Barclay pulls them off nicely!

Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Stories, Actors, and Characters by AIO Team. $14.69. Reading level: Ages 8 and up. Series - Adventures in Odyssey. Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (August 20, 2008). Publication: August 20, 2008. Save 27%!

Hal Smith, Walker Edmiston and Will Ryan are excited about Adventure in Odyssey. Are you?

Who loves Whit the most? This is Hal Smith, the first man to play Mr. Whittaker.