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Triple Goddess

Triple Goddess Statue Beautiful !

“Hecate is the goddess of pathways, Enodia, especially of cross-roads and of the offerings laid down there; the triple-form figure of Hecate arose from the three masks which were hung at the meeting of three pathways. The pathways of Hecate are pathways of the night; accompanied by barking dogs, she leads a ghostly retinue.” ( Greek Religion by Walter Burkert)

Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess Hecate Greek Goddess of the Crossroads She is often seen as a "hag" or old witch but to me she is beautiful! Hecate was the only one of the Titans who Zeus allowed to retain authority after the Olympians had defeated them. She was given the position of being the guardian of the households and the protector of all that was newborn. Hecate was one of the three "triple goddesses", sometimes illustrated as Persephone (young Maiden), Demeter (The Mother), and Hecate ( w...

A Dark Goddess of nature, particularly in Scotland, is the Cailleach. She is the ancient Earth Herself.

7pcs PaGaN - Wiccan Charm Mix - Earth Wind Fire Water - Goddess of the Earth. $6.75, via Etsy.