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Walmart • 1 year ago

Join us for our first Pinterest contest! Show us how Walmart products inspire you to be green and enter for a chance to win one of five Walmart Gift Cards! Contest rules: www.walmartgreenr... #WalmartGreen

  • Heidi Opdahl
    Heidi Opdahl • 1 year ago

    I think walmart helps me be greener by having everything right there.I also buy the eco friendly lightbulbs there and lots of recyleable stuff.

  • Wendy Recker
    Wendy Recker • 1 year ago

    We go to walmart almost every other day

  • Walmart
    Walmart • 1 year ago

    Update: We have received so many inspiring boards that we need more time to choose the best! The Walmart Green Pin to Win winners will now be announced on on Monday September 17th. Happy pinning!

  • Susan Helms
    Susan Helms • 1 year ago

    Reduces trips to other stores and saves money on most products we use most often!

  • Jennifer Abeyta
    Jennifer Abeyta • 1 year ago

    Shopping at Walmart allows me to save the environment by driving to only one place that has already done all the polluting by transporting goods from all over the world instead of locally sourced products.

  • Andrea Chafin
    Andrea Chafin • 1 year ago

    I can save gas and time by lay aways and one stop shopping!!! Plus they have comparison pricing!!!

  • Dana Waller
    Dana Waller • 1 year ago

    Wal mart helps me be green with the handy cloth bags they have available cheap and can use everytime you go there and don't have to get tons of plastic bags. Also I can get everything I need in one stop!!

  • Maria Solis-Gonzalez
    Maria Solis-Gonzalez • 1 year ago

    Walmart is great! Savings and everything I need is right there! From milk, and eggs to toothpaste and toilet paper! I live in Arkansas near the first Walmart ever made! It is great! Thank you Mr. Walton!! :)

  • Babette Bonzanto
    Babette Bonzanto • 1 year ago

    Reduces trips to other stores and saves money on most products we use most often

  • Melissa Kemm
    Melissa Kemm • 1 year ago

    Enables me to purchase locally-grown produce and meat, and to purchase everything that I need under one roof (without having to drive around town).

  • Terri Kelley
    Terri Kelley • 1 year ago

    Its great knowing everything you need is in one place. Love the fresh produce. I cant eat gluten and they are getting more gluten free products in. Thank you

  • Jean Tau'a
    Jean Tau'a • 1 year ago

    I like that they carry products to clean with that are ecofriendly. Plus having everything under one roof helps me to save gas.

  • Ashley Romero Serna
    Ashley Romero Serna • 1 year ago

    My kids inspire me to be green! I want them to have a safe and beautiful place to grow and live an once they get older a place to raise their own families!

  • Rebecca Hester
    Rebecca Hester • 1 year ago

    You can go to walmart and find anything you want for house, yard, shop car and yourself and food. It's a gud one-stop shopping place to save and buy what you need.

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie • 1 year ago

    I'm the busy mom of 5. I work 50 hours per week. Knowing that I can do one stop shopping at WalMart is not only a money saver, it's a time saver. The selection of eco friendly all purpose products is amazing! I don't know what I'd do without Wal Mart!!

  • Anna McGarry
    Anna McGarry • 1 year ago

    Love the green clean products when cleaning my house. The smell afterwards makes my house smells good.

  • Kandy Mitchell
    Kandy Mitchell • 1 year ago

    Walmart is the best place to shop at because u can do all your shopping at once... U don't have to go to store to store to get everything it's all right there

  • John Scammon
    John Scammon • 1 year ago

    i love getting the lights that dont need power at walmart to help me kepping it green

  • Tricia Parrish Willogem

    I love the one stop store. Saves me all the running to get everything our family needs. We are doing our best to go green by recycling & purchasing cleaning supplies that are green. 1 of my children is asthmatic so we are very passionate about changing the earth in anyway that we can. Thank you for adding more & more items that are Green, especially love anything that has been recycled :)

  • Ryan King-Whittet
    Ryan King-Whittet • 1 year ago

    my family loves how close it is and it saves us gas we also love buying our green products at great prices. you also have such a great variety we always go to Walmart for everything!

  • Stephanie Barber
    Stephanie Barber • 1 year ago

    It's close and I have to make 1 trip for all the things I need:) I do recommend in Texas that we get recycled bags instead of the plastic ones because they all over west odessa and I believe if we have sturdier better bags we will be less likely to let them trash our town:) That will be all!

  • Cassie Barker
    Cassie Barker • 1 year ago

    My Daughter.... She has so many alligers to bugs, cleaners and food.. i have to be supper safe and "green clean" to make sure she doesnt get sick

  • Lesa Steele
    Lesa Steele • 1 year ago

    Learned so much about Walmarts sustainability initiative. Thank you Walmart for the great contest!

  • Tammy Darling
    Tammy Darling • 1 year ago

    It's great to see Walmart promoting sustainability!

  • Wendy Vor
    Wendy Vor • 1 year ago

    if anyone needs some ideas on green things to repin, feel free to browse my board

  • Teresa Bryant
    Teresa Bryant • 1 year ago

    I love everything that Walmart has to offer. They have way more eco friendly products than any other store.

  • Georgia Duncan
    Georgia Duncan • 1 year ago

    Love Walmart --- it's the one stop shop !! Thank for being green and saving us green :)

  • Hallie Harold
    Hallie Harold • 1 year ago

    Well unfortunately for me, all the trash that ends up in the ocean makes me crazy! I've heard that in one ocean, there is an accumulation of trash the size of the state of TX. Not Cool!

  • monica orta
    monica orta • 1 year ago

    Walmart inspire me to be green with the many product in store including from market to help better are environment for are childrens future

  • Eustacia Miliusis
    Eustacia Miliusis • 1 year ago

    Hello! Here is my board that I submitted with items pinned from that inspire me to live green. Thank You!

  • Carol Pomes
    Carol Pomes • 1 year ago

    I can't find @WalmartHub to follow: how do I find it?

  • Carol Pomes
    Carol Pomes • 1 year ago


  • Walmart
    Walmart • 1 year ago

    Hi Carol, go here and click the Follow All button. Thanks for your participation!

  • Ayla Bennett
    Ayla Bennett • 1 year ago

    Walmart inspires me to be green to make up for all the pollution that your factories in China are spewing... not to mention your cheap crappy products that end up in landfills. Lee Scott is full of lies.

  • Lorraine Treisch
    Lorraine Treisch • 1 year ago

    Walmart has great go green products! Also bring along my reusable shopping bags!

  • Arturo Victorica
    Arturo Victorica • 1 year ago


  • Tina Eveland Harris
    Tina Eveland Harris • 1 year ago

    By shopping at walmart i have got recycle containers and when i can recycle i feel im protecting a good planet for my child and her children one day i have a compost pile also. And prices are affordable and if someone else has something cheaper you at walmart will match it. You also have more enviromental cleaning products to choose from and thats great. Thanks walmart! Oh and i love the variety at the deli.

  • Ashley Boland
    Ashley Boland • 1 year ago

    My family and I shop at walmart over three times a week. One simple way we go green is by reusing out Walmart plastic bags as trash bags (: if we have enough for the trash we use the reusable groceries totes they sell for one dollar ! I love Walmart; everything you need at one convent place ♥

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith • 1 year ago

    When your a single mom, reusing items becomes a must. It's not easy out here on prices for anything and Walmart has it all. My son is what made me want to make the world a better place for him and all children.

  • Walmart
    Walmart • 1 year ago

    The Walmart Green Pin to Win has now ended. Thanks to all who entered! We're very impressed with your boards. Stay tuned for the winner announcement on Monday, September 17th on!

  • Diane Bassette
    Diane Bassette • 1 year ago

    fingers crossed!

  • Alex Cichon Marchwiak

    It's disappointing that the staff of Walmart Green room chose to describe these boards as exhibiting "outstanding originality" as many of them showcase the exact same products, often in the exact same colors. This makes me think a lot of people were borrowing ideas from each other, or other Pinners. Furthermore, it seems apparent that owing to the large number of submissions, the two swamped judges couldn't possibly view every board and judge it, elimination-style, based on merit. These boards seem to have been chosen at random and won because they fulfilled the criteria, not because they were truly the best, most original, most descriptive, etc. Pinterest is a relatively new advertising medium, and clearly new to you, Walmart Green Room. It's not to say that it was stated anywhere that this would be a contest of merit rather than chance, but next time perhaps make that more clear so that participants don't exert undo effort. Perhaps you ought to stick to random number generators

  • Walmart
    Walmart • 1 year ago

    Hi Alex. We appreciate your comment and your participation in our Pin to Win contest. Hundreds of outstanding boards were submitted and each was reviewed by our judging panel with care. We were truly impressed by the effort and creativity that was displayed by everyone who entered. Pinterest is a new medium for all of us, and we're excited to continue interacting with such a passionate community.

  • michelle hill
    michelle hill • 1 year ago

    who won?

  • Shannon Russ
    Shannon Russ • 1 year ago

    @Walmart - Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners and for having a great contest! I look forward to getting my giftcard! This will be wonderful for Christmas! Thanks again!

  • Prügikonteinerite rent

    wonderful, and who won?

  • Anna Stuart
    Anna Stuart • 1 year ago

    I missed out

  • Vintage Maya
    Vintage Maya • 9 weeks ago

    Guys participate in Vintage Maya's contest and win Elegant Vintage products HURRY UP!!! Click on the following link

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