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Viktor Örneland
Viktor Örneland • 3 years ago


  • Alicia Cordova
    Alicia Cordova • 2 years ago

    Goldfish are feeder fish and don't have that long to live. The ones you see at Petco and Walmart aren't taken as good care of like the other more expensive fishes are. The point is whether these 10 cent fish die being fed alive to other animal (which is most of their fate)or dies after this art show the artist bought these fishes more time than usual because they are feeder fishes! Get over yourselves its no like hes putting endangered specie in there, if you don't like it then keep on scrolling down the page!

  • Alicia Cordova
    Alicia Cordova • 2 years ago

    This light bulb is amazing :D

  • Michelle Wenger
    Michelle Wenger • 2 years ago

    Neither Guppies nor Goldfish are merely feeder fish, and for the record, both species are rather long lived when taken care of. Are they endangered? No, they're not, but that doesn't mean they don't have the right to a decent life with decent care given them. Treating living things as disposable says quite a lot to a person's character. That all said, the lightbulb sculpture itself is gorgeous, I like the lines of it with the inner piece. I'd just enjoy it much more without the fishes inside it.

  • $ª®ä
    $ª®ä • 2 years ago

    Uhm, animal lover speaking here, and guppies are DUMB. Yeah, that's right, I said it. Does it mean they should be tortured? no, but you people are just assuming that the fish aren't being fed or are horribly uncomfortable. Maybe the artist put a hole in the top to feed the fish? It looks like its about the size of a fishbowl that any normal person keeps a fish or a beta in, so just because its art it becomes cruel? Read the news, there's a lot more going on than guppies being kept in a tank. And who said anything about them being disposable? for all you know these guppies are the artists kids beloved pets being temporarily used for an exhibit, soon to return to their home.

  • Michele Fox
    Michele Fox • 2 years ago

    Living art.

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