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Barbara Bergfeld
Barbara Bergfeld • 1 year ago

America's "Mystery Island" was Catalina Island off of the California coast, with pygmy elephants and giant human skeletons uncovered

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  • Karen Heinemann

    Thanks Lynda for your constructive comment. I actually read books, view research papers and documentaries to back up my opinions. By the way Elizabeth, the presence of giants helps to back Creationism because Genesis, Chapter 6, of the Bible, explains the origins of a giant race. Anyways, I thought we all had the right to express what we believe in...I didn't think my opinion would elicit such seeming outrage and rudeness from others.

  • Lynda Gutierrez

    Unless the books, papers and documentaries are drawn from legitimate, balanced sources, they are not proof. (Just look at the books insisting that aliens walk among us, faux "documentaries" that say mermaids exist, and "research papers" by people with a biblical agenda to forward.) The Bible is not a legitimate, factual resource. It is a heavily edited, self-contradictory collection of stories written over hundreds of years.

  • Karen Heinemann

    Well, that is your opinion Lynda, you are welcome to it. Do you feel the same regarding the ancient hieroglyphs, the Rosetta stone and other ancient documents? Are they also not legitimate writings? Saying my opinions are "crazy ideas not substantiated by factual resources" does not mean I am wrong, nor does it mean I am right. This is my point. We all have our opinions. I do have factual resources to back up my thoughts but I feel they would be wasted in this forum.

  • Lynda Gutierrez

    The thing is no one has edited or repeatedly translated hieroglyphs or the Rosetta Stone (so have no string of mistranslations or shifts of meaning.) And, no, if hieroglyphs are about about gods or mythology, I don't take them as being true (except as an insight into the culture that would believe such things.) I am a lifelong researcher and have a strong belief in the importance of facts and evidence. You cannot unseat facts with an unsubstantiated opinion.

  • Karen Heinemann

    What facts am I unseating? I'm simply presenting another point of view and "interpretation" of known facts.

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