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Argyle Empire ‏@Argyle_Empire Gabriel helps Julia with her homework.

“It took a little longer for Gabriel’s next text to arrive:” #GabrielsInferno by @sylvainreynard

She swung her legs to the floor and saw a small note on the bedside table..

Sticky Leaf #GI #GR @SylvainReynard @GIFansFilipino

@BookTemptations *spoiler alert* Julia felt comforted and let herself relax wholly against his body #GabrielsInferno @sylvainreynard

@GIFansFilipino A short teaser for #GabrielBook3 2/4/13 by @sylvainreynard ;D @Argyle_Empire ... @sylvainreynard : I'm incapable of writing without sharing. A short teaser: "Gabriel gave her a tight smile and began packing up the boxes" ... @sylvainreynard : Enjoy your day everyone. Must go write ... about boxes ... being packed ... ;)