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King Tutankhamun's death mask

Most Egyptian funerary mask are made of solid gold, but in 1939, archaeologist, Pierre Montet, discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Psusennes, & his entire sarcophagus is pure silver, the only one ever discovered. Its discovery had little fan fare because it was the eve of World War II, & Egyptologists didn't want it to fall into enemy hands. The discovery is revered to be equal to the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922, but most of the world is unaware of its existence.

Howard Carter and King Tut 1922

Tut as goddess Selket, "Tutankhamun, The Return of the King" @

Osiris,Isis & Horus - 874/850 BC Gold, Lapis Lazuli & Glass, Louvre

6th–7th century -- Byzantine -- Gold, sapphire, pearl

Afghanistan is known for their Afghan carpets.

14k White Gold Blue Sapphire Corundum Gemstone Ring by skinnyBLING