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I'd like a vegetable stand like this for the root cellar for storage or out by the road to sell my harvest that's left over.

Old Seat Belt Buckle Key Holder I dont have words for how much I like this!~j.j.

Vegetable Chart for general understanding of what's in season. 3 extra steps - (1) Befriend the produce manager at your local market. They will know the quirks of that year’s season, and if the produce they’re receiving is farm-fresh from your hemisphere. (2) Become good friends with some local farmers. The produce you see at their stand was likely picked just a few days ago. (3) Grow your own produce! This 1st hand experience & understanding will give you pause when you buy tomatoes in January.

Shipwreck jars - that's a craft that I can have some fun with...and OMG I just realized that I have a tiny little wooden boat here from Boston!!! **scrambles to find jar and rocks**

Fire-making stuff. Fire is your best friend in wilderness survival.

Breakdown of yearly costs for one homesteader's garden, chickens, pigs, and milk cows...awesome breakdown of cost per gallon of milk/lb. of produce/dozen eggs/lb. of meat...

Thorough instructions on making pvc pipe or 5 gallon bucket watering systems for chickens!

Put a mailbox in your garden to store your hand tools