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@pinkarmy • 2 years ago

click image for details & directions... baking soda bath, epsom salt wrap, mint tea bath, jewelweed infusion, apple cider vinegar & oatmeal bath, oatmeal paste, mint lard salve, diaper rash or hemorrhoid ointment, white household vinegar, buttermilk, honey, banana peel, calamine lotion, aloe vera gel.

  • Tara Rowles
    Tara Rowles • 6 weeks ago

    Maalox!?!? Genius!

  • Barbi Blackwell
    Barbi Blackwell • 6 weeks ago

    I was told about the liquid maalox when my 2 older kids had chicken pox. And yes, I told the nurse who told to use it that I was pretty sure he was crazy. My then 6 year old had suffered for 8 days at this point and my 2 year-old son was on day 2. I applied the maalox several times a day with cotton balls and my son's chicken pox was completely dried up! I tried it on every blistery type rash since then and 90% of time they were dried up in no time!

  • Barbi Blackwell
    Barbi Blackwell • 6 weeks ago

    It's also safer to use on toddlers because it won't hurt them if they ingest it since it's made for just that reason to begin with.

  • Aprille Boisvert
    Aprille Boisvert • 9 days ago

    thanks. I have witch hazel and calmine. Also prednisone dose pack and megadoses of benadryl. The benadryl just makes me so sleepy. My eye is the worst of it still swollen and half closed.

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