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Make a Memory Jar {Fathers Day

We made a Fathers Day Memory Jar {aka “snow globe”} to celebrate a year of wonderful adventures and experiences with Dad-dy! Very simple and you have plenty of time before Father’s Day to make this project happen for the Dad in your life! You need: a jar (mason jar, recycled pickle jar, olive jar, m...
Emma Kibbon
Emma Kibbon • 1 year ago

Father's Day: Make a Memory Jar {Fathers Day} - Kids Activities Blog

  • SimpleWare®
    SimpleWare® • 14 weeks ago

    Love your pins!

  • Emma Kibbon
    Emma Kibbon • 14 weeks ago

    Thank You! I made this for my husband last Father's Day. He loved it. I would recommend using a large jar as pictured. I used a spaghetti sauce jar and the pictures do not move around as much. I also laminated the pictures twice. Good Luck.