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Bidwick Anophalis
Bidwick Anophalis • 1 year ago

Anastase Tabaro, a self-taught engineer who had just six years of elementary-level education as a child, has built a hydroelectric system that provides power to some 700 households in and around his village in rural Rwanda.The 59-year-old started his research in 1990 with the ultimate ambition of selling power to his neighbors, none of whom had access to electricity at that time. He built a turbine and constructed a barrage dam that he channels water from to power a generator.

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Alexander Graham Bell - 3. March 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland; † 1. August 1922 in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada) Aside from Bell, 9 other men were working on inventing the telephone. There were many claims and counter claims, before the patent was registered for an electromagnetic device by Alexander Bell and Thomas Watson which later led to the development of the telephone.

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Stephen Hawking is turning 70, defying the odds of Lou Gehrig's disease. "I don't know of anyone who's survived this long," said Ammar Al-Chalabi, director of the Motor Neurone Disease Care and Research Centre at King's College London. He does not treat Hawking and described his longevity as "extraordinary."