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Sonya Glaze
Sonya Glaze • 1 year ago

how to get urine stains out of a mattress

  • Lori Norman
    Lori Norman • 1 year ago

    eww just toss it and get a new one ffs

  • Meghan Johnson
    Meghan Johnson • 1 year ago

    Well Lori, im

  • Meghan Johnson
    Meghan Johnson • 1 year ago

    Continuing, I'm guessing you don't have kids, or have ever gone through potty training. No matter how hard you try, you can always expect some sort of accident on the mattress. Maybe you have the funds to just dump as many mattresses on mother earth to keep your home pristine. Some of us do have budgets & better things to spend our money on then a new mattress at our liking. Thank you Sonya for posting this. Very helpful as my son had an accident while making it through his potty training.

  • Sonya Glaze
    Sonya Glaze • 1 year ago

    YW...Mine had quite a few accidents too!

  • Michelle Ravan
    Michelle Ravan • 1 year ago

    I agree with you Meghan....some of us just can't toss things when it gets a small stain....good grief!

  • Katie Christy
    Katie Christy • 1 year ago

    I always kept a changing blanket or Neat Sheet under the sheet (or mattress pad) to prevent stains - works great (for throw-up accidents, too)!

  • Lisa Courts
    Lisa Courts • 1 year ago

    But a new one

  • Melanie Harris
    Melanie Harris • 1 year ago

    Just buy a waterproof mattress pad.

  • Sheleen Broaddus
    Sheleen Broaddus • 1 year ago

    waterproof matress pads don't always work even really expensive me!

  • Annsofie Malmefjäll
    Annsofie Malmefjäll • 1 year ago

    Amazing!!! Did you shoot the picture yourself?

  • Lindsey Owens
    Lindsey Owens • 1 year ago

    I just have to laugh! Way to make it personal... A whole paragraph response to a simple statement? I'd buy a new one too... AND a mattress cover... But my 2 year old hasn't had an accident yet

  • VavaVida
    VavaVida • 1 year ago

    Trust parents for inventive solutions to life's annoying troubles. Your guests might never know the stain was even there but you will!! Thanks Meghan!

  • Lindsey Owens
    Lindsey Owens • 1 year ago

    BTW, that solution also works for dogs who get sprayed from a skunk

  • Amy Bleich
    Amy Bleich • 1 year ago

    Yes - accidents happen...and we were training 2 at a time! So new mattresses were not a financial, or feasible option. But being clean is! If you are traveling bring along a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth (cut in 1/2) well - we used 1/2 for each kiddo...but nonetheless. Place it between mattress and sheet and it will help a lot as well.

  • Sarah Peterson
    Sarah Peterson • 1 year ago

    This is cool for the appearance of the mattress, but I'm always more concerned about what soaks into the mattress. (or the sofa cushions...) That top, visible layer is just that: the top visible layer. :-b

  • Julia Adkison
    Julia Adkison • 1 year ago

    In case we ever need this. ;-)

  • Maria Ordorica-Aguirre

    Oh good grief! Yeah, I'd buy a new mattress IF they were $100 even $300 BUT thats not reality,is it? So THANK YOU for this. I will have to try this. ( from a mom who has used a mattress pad AND changing pad, but still got couple stains on my nice and comfy mattress that I wouldn't just toss bc of the stains!)

  • Maureen Hall
    Maureen Hall • 1 year ago

    Love DIY stuff for things like this. Thanks! :)

  • Ashley Simpson-Callahan

    I simply sprayed my mattress with water and poured on borax and let sit while we was out running errands when I returned I vacuumed the borax up good. You will see where borax has pulled the pee out of mattress. If some remains repeat. We had a serious bed wetting issue with my step son and this worked great!

  • Bennetry Herrmann
    Bennetry Herrmann • 1 year ago

    You can put the mattress out in the sun to dry, after this treatment !

  • Sarah Christensen
    Sarah Christensen • 1 year ago

    This trick cleaned my son's mattress great, no smell, no stain, and I figure I soaked it well enough that it got to all the "insides" just fine.