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For The Last Time, People

different variety of piercings....


Maria Jose Cristerna is a mother of four, tattoo artist and former lawyer. 90 percent of Maria’s body is tattooed and modified with subcutaneous implants and therefor she is also called Vampire Woman. Her tattooed skin, body piercings and transformations make her look stunning, even to persons who are familiar with extreme body modifications. She is famous and a regular on television shows and events.

Tattoo artist. Whenever I see a person with a heavily tattooed and/or pierced face, they always look sad. There must be a reason.

Guy, girl or cat? Gross!!

Elaine Davidson is a former nurse from Brazil who first broke Guiness World Record when she has 462 piercings on various parts of her body. Currently, she has 3,920 body piercings and tattoos. Elaine Davidson is the world record holder for body piercing in the Guiness Book of Records. Aim for the sky.