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Pinned by Holly Tyler

Holly Tyler
Holly Tyler • 1 year ago

Poster about the facts of Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders are not about vanity People with eating disorders are not always skinny Eating disorders are not just a girl thing-guys have eating disorders too Eating disorders are not a phase And eating disorders are not simply about food

Facts about eating disorders

I Eating disorders aren't just deadly thin people in hospitals. An eating disorder doesn't gaurantee that you'll become emaciated or even lose weight at all-Eating disorders are mental illnesses- You can't just imitate the behavior of what you think an eating disorder is, and make yourself have one-Eating disorders are not all about being skinny, they can be invisible, eating disorders can go unrecognized and undiagnosed-eating disorders can happen to people at any weight

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What eating disorders aren't. (EDNOS stands for eating disorders not otherwise specified)

Beautifully said. Great for eating disorder counseling

Eating disorder logic: