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Gaylen Hemenway
Gaylen Hemenway • 1 year ago

Truth! Paganism came before the "religion" of today! Get your facts straight! More evil has been done in the name of Christ!

  • Juliette Boone
    Juliette Boone • 27 weeks ago

    Aww, you guys are awesome!

  • Bianca van Orsoy
    Bianca van Orsoy • 23 weeks ago

    So true!

  • Vycentha Mae
    Vycentha Mae • 21 weeks ago

    I am a Catholic but I come from a lineage of Paganism ancestors. I believe in Jesus but I never forget the beauty of paganism. My mother a catholic as well, encourage me to understand Paganism. Paganism is beautiful. And as a true Christian Catholic we must respect any beliefs. I don't understand why some people thinls being a christian give them the power to persecute other's beliefs. Paganism is beautiful and being a Catholic doesn't stop me from understanding the beauty of Paganism. And sometimes practicing it by always being grateful juz to be alive!

  • Vycentha Mae
    Vycentha Mae • 21 weeks ago

    And i have an atheist best friend of 21years turned sister. I believe in kindness. I believe in the power of understanding. Its as powerful as love.

  • Keith Coffey
    Keith Coffey • 16 weeks ago

    I agree.

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