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Nine timelessly lovely blouses and tops from the pages of a 1958 Montgomery Ward catalog. #vintage #1950s #fashion #shirts

If I could crochet, I would whip up the butterflies for this endlessly fun 1950s blouse in a heartbeat! #vintage #1950s #blouse #crochet #butterflies #blouse #fashion

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Hi Angel, here's the Flickr link to the original uploaded size of this image. It's not too much bigger, but perhaps you'll find it easier to decipher than this size: Hope that helps and happy creating if you do make it.

  • Angel Naylor

    Thanks for the link ^_^ I can actually just make out those instructions. Will have to do a little bit of referencing fo the yarn weight and hook size but I should be able to make them ^_^ I'll let you know my results, but if I can, would you want some?

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Hi Angel - yay, so happy you can make out the slightly larger instructions. Yes, I would absolutely love some butterflies, thank you so much. I don't knit or crochet myself (I'm into paper crafts and embroidery), so I doubt I'll be making them any time soon. That's really, really sweet of you!

  • Angel Naylor

    Hehe I papercraft, Cross stitch, knit and have recently learned to crochet. They seem like lovely little projects to get used to crochet with, gotta finish work on a knitting project first, but that should give me enough time to round up supplies for this. ^_^

  • Jessica Cangiano

    I cross stitch, too - much more than I embroider, come to think of it, and have also been known to dabble in jewelry making. I hope to learn how to better sew one day, but I need a sewing machine first! ;) Have fun with all your lovely crafty projects and feel free to message me any time (or contact me via my website, which is listed in my profile info here). Thanks again, sweet gal!

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Scores of fashionable, airy 1950s summertime tops and blouses. #shirts #tops #blouses #vintage #dress #retro #fashion #1950s

Love the South American inspired ethnic print on this blouse from Emilio Pucci, July 1954. #vintage #fashion #1950s

A diverse assortment of lovely summertime tops and blouses from 1959. #blouse #top #shirt #vintage #dress #retro #fashion #1950s #summer

A sophisticated plaid skirt suit with matching overcoat from 1954. #vintage #1950s #fashion #suits #fall #winter