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Jill Morris
Jill Morris • 2 years ago

OMG, @Kristin Wollman, will you please try this with Kenley?? so cute :)

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  • Terrah Clark-Highet

    Yup that is exactly what I'm going to do....:/

  • Margaret M_S

    Just raising awareness- could have approached it better! Sorry!

  • Terrah Clark-Highet

    Ya probably could have. This isn't even my kid I just liked the way the photo looked! (Minus the baby chewing on lead based lights)

  • Margaret M_S

    Sincerely apologize- wasn't meant as an attack!! At all! Sorry if it came out like that. Sure is a cute photo. I agree

  • Margaret M_S

    (Also, I didn't assume it was your child. I've seen this picture circulating for years.)

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love this idea for a Christmas Card!