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Where were the outraged republicans then ?

Not everyone is a republican.

Not a republican

  • Sharon Beller

    It has kind of invaded all aspects of politics now. Even though worse on right. Greed is a fast growing disease.


  • Adam Borchardt

    How about the Brownie Stain that was previously the head of the Islamic horse association who's miserable failure and unpreparedness led to thousand of lost lives and millions of homes in Katrina?! Just add it to the long list. The Iraq war is the most expensive war in US history as well. Dick Cheney probably has a money bin somewhere where he practices shooting people in the face and mixes the blood of his victims with the riches of his no contest contracts for Haliburton.

  • Adam Borchardt

    Not that he needs to he already has more blood on his hands than anyone I can think of - real or fictional - I hope America learned its lesson- NEVER under any circumstance EVER vote red.


Yes, somebody tell Republicans this!