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Republicans for Rape

The Republican Party on the issue of rape.

Just how much of a republican is he?


you might be a republican

republican smarts

I must say, this is one of the issues that makes me the most perplexed. I know SEVERAL people who have had to use government funds (welfare and student loans, pell grants, or are on disability) as well as many who are on Social Security who vote republican. Why would you vote republican?...hmm...maybe because you're a racist?

  • Israel Perez III

    What about the large amount of black republicans your moron?

  • Holly Henry

    Exactly. I'm so sick of the "You don't agree with me, so you must be racist", mentality.

REPUBLICANS DO NOT USE LOGIC....THEY ARE PAID PUPPETS OF RICH CORPORATE WELFARE MOOCHERS..ROBBING US TAXPAYERS!!! We can not afford to fix our bridges across the country but we can afford to give multi-national corporations billions of tax revenue collected from the people of the United States? What logic is the republican congress using, and how are people still falling for this nonsense?

Republican Boehner playing politics cost people their lives this time. When will the corrupt go to jail?