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"Aquatic" should fit the bill for a Twitter handle like @crashmansailor :)

@dahlen_wolf on Twitter said, "Orange would be a sweet color." We think so too, "Punkin'!"

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"Game: Blouses." Thanks to @alinicoll on Twitter! Should we do "Little Red Corvette" next?

How can you not be a merry man (or woman) sporting a Pebble in "Robin Hood?" h/t @tr0tsky0 on Twitter.

"Y U NO HAVE PINK!" Thanks to @batgirl on Twitter, we do now :-)

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"Gunmetal grey would be SWEET!" –Every guy who follows Pebble on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, email, IM, phone, SMS, carrier pigeon, morse code, telegram, smoke signal, and sign language. ;-P

  • Jeff Latimer

    This is my favorite. I'm going to get my color from changing the band not the watch.

  • Raptor007

    I'd like this if it had a brushed metal look to it, but if not... well, might as well just call it grey.

  • McGeachie

    Rename to 'Fifty Shades of Monotony'?

  • Jeremy Sim

    This is cool as well!

  • Marc Labreche

    love it - looks like the grey originally advertised (NOT the way the samples came recently...) i really hope they dial the shade down a bit!

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"@richter_photo: I'd love to see 'Java Blend,'" #402E25. Two for one, done!

by @ke4qpf

Whoo, lots of requests for shades of blue (lookin' at you, @mprogano). "It's a Boy" makes six!

Google "Cherenkov Radiation," and enjoy all the pretty blues. Shout-out to @tecrogue!

Droppin' some knowledge: In the 1920s, baby boys in the US were dressed in pink and girls rocked powder blue. The roles didn't flip until the 1940s. Think about that while you marinate over "It's a Girl."

"@sncfinkle: #ColorMyPebble 'Heliotrope!'" Okie dokie!