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How To Use Finger Cymbals

Jamila Salimpour performing with finger cymbals. Be sure to take a look into her history of finger cymbals.

Finger Cymbal Technique: Once a dancer has achieved proficiency with finger cymbals, they are empowering. They accentuate her dancing. They can also force a crowd to stop and listen.There are three ways to play zills. But which ever you choose, it must fit within the skeletal structure of the rhythm and the song.You can play zills to the rhythm. Remember to play variations and embellish it with flourishes or varying intensity.You can play them to the melody.You can play them to the dance.

finger print poem-cute for making mother's/father's day gifts at the daycare with the babies

DIY Bottle Cap Finger Symbols

Belly dance

Belly dance ♥

Vintage Belly Dance