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Chalkboard Placemats - fun idea! It says it's for weddings but, this would be great for a dinner party. Also, if there are kids at the table, they can color and draw while waiting for dinner!

The Bride's Diary - DIY: Chalkboard Placemats From SAND,F

Bake @ 425 (NOT 350) for 30 minutes then allow to cool in oven. Clean with rubbing alcohol before drawing. Cheap mugs (Like Mainstay @ Walmart) work best!

Oh my goodness! What a lovely gift to give! This handmade domed cake stand is so easy to make...anyone can do it!

DIY gold leaf on canvas! Can't believe how easy this is to make! 'Love Came Down' for Christmas!

<< Paint Dipped Pinecones | they look like porcelain flowers.

Paint Dipped Pinecones : Factory Direct Craft Blog

This app takes a list of words and puts them into a picture you can print.

From High In The Sky: Tagxedo: Making Great Cards Just Got Easier

Secret to Cutting Felt

Tutorial: Secret to Cutting Felt

Leaf Shell / Balloon Technique. Great for fall leaves - isn't that unique!

Rob Glebe Design, bigima

Gold sharpie marker, bake at 350 for 30 min and let cool in oven.

❥ make a flower from wired ribbon, cut and wind.

One Lucky Day: No. 23 Flower

3D embroidery on canvas; make a design with rope and cover with embroidery thread

Candy buffet - Glue glass jar onto a candlestick.

Bargain Bound: Candy Buffet

Dont have a projector and want to paint something on the wall? Heres a simple makeshift idea!

Paint a Mural in a Child's Nursery : Projection

Mix Elmer's glue with food coloring to paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when dry.

5 Simple Pinterest DIYs | Lovelyish

I always wondered how to make letters with tape... this is so simple!

Dilly-Dali Art: Melted Crayon Art

Patina tutorial - 3 parts apple cider vinegar & 1 part sea salt