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Apprentice Candidates

Meet the 16 candidates for the 8th season of the #apprentice. Using your apprentice knowledge and business acumen, study the candidates, their attributes, and decide who you think will win the chance to be Lord Sugar’s business partner. Pin It to Win It!

Tom Gearing - Tom feels his biggest strength is his self-assurance but says that he can sometimes be over-confident.

Stephen Brady - Ireland born Stephen, 33, loves learning new languages, reading and writing stories.

Ricky Martin - By day Ricky is a successful recruitment manager operating across the UK science industries, and by night and weekend a heavy hitting professional wrestler. He truly is the reflection of perfection.

Nick Holzherr - Nick, who lived in Switzerland for seven years as a child, was named ‘emerging entrepreneur of the year’ by Insider Magazine in 2010.

Michael Copp - Michael says his biggest strength is his positivity but admits that he can be impatient. In his spare time Michael enjoys fishing, walking and boxing.

#Fired 28/032012 Maria O’Connor - Bubbly Maria opened her own Greek restaurant at the age of 19 and is inspired by Gordon Ramsay.

Laura Hogg - Scot Laura is a mother of one who loves skiing. A former ice skater, she once skated with Torvil and Dean.

Katie Wright - Katie is a huge football fan and loves to attend Fulham football matches.

Jenna Whittingham - Homebody Jenna has never been away from home for longer than a week and can’t cook or clean.

Jane McEvoy - Jane is a mother of one, and lives in Kilkenny, Ireland. She is the co-founder of food manufacturing company

Jade Nash - Former 18-30 rep Jade grew up helping at her parents’ caravan park.

Gabrielle Omar - Gabrielle’s first job was helping at her parents’ fish and chip shop when she was 14.

Duane Bryan - Have a go hero Duane once chased and caught a hit and run driver trying to flee the scene of a crash.

Azhar Siddique - Thrill seeker Azhar enjoys shark diving and has two pet sharks. He feels his biggest strengths are his professionalism and integrity but also admits that he gets very restless very quickly.

#Fired 21/03/2012 Bilyana Apostolova - Bulgaria born Bilyana started off her career aged six, collecting snails from her grandparents’ farm to sell to pharmaceutical companies.

Adam Corbally - Father of two Adam loves swimming, playing football and cycling. Adam says that he is confident and enthusiastic but that he is not ashamed to show his emotions.