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Urge To Purge: "Remember that 80 percent of the time, we wear only 20 percent of our clothes," says McKenry. So go through your wardrobe and jettison anything that's one of the four S's: stretched, small, smelly (ew!), or stained (sure, you could clean the stained and smelly pieces, but the idea is to let things go)

Henri Bendel Votives, Nate Berkus Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every January, I turn all of the hangers in my closet backwards, like this.  It takes about 60 seconds: Each time I wear an item, I hang it back up in the normal fashion, which takes zero effort to remember or do.  In June, any item that is still hanging backwards has not been worn in 6 months, and I usually donate it to Goodwill unless I can come up with a good reason to save it.