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Ping Pong Dim Sum UK

Ping Pong Dim Sum UK

Ping Pong has the best bits of the ancient tradition of Chinese tea houses. Enjoy an endless assortment of Dim Sum, cocktails & Chinese teas.

Spring Seasonal Specials - vanilla chilli sidecar - sweet citrus with hints of chilli – martell vs cognac, fresh lemon juice, triple sec, vanilla and chilli, served with goats cheese and black pepper popcorn

ping pong - martini bianco, white wine and lychee juice served with asian basil seeds, so good we put our name on it!

ice cream/sorbet, 3 scoops v - seasonal ice creams/sorbets, please ask for flavours

chive dumpling - chives, king prawn, chive pastry

chicken shu mai - chicken, asparagus, mushroom in open-top wonton pastry

seafood dumpling - snow crab, prawn and scallop, carrot pastry

scallop and shiitake dumpling - scallop, king prawn and mushroom, translucent pastry

spicy chicken dumpling - chicken, vegetables, chilli, translucent pastry

spicy vegetable dumpling v - mixed vegetables, chilli and garlic, translucent pastry

vegetable bun v - fluffy white bun, vegetables (p.s. discard baking paper)

har gau - king prawn and bamboo shoot, translucent pastry

beef dumpling - slow-cooked beef, hint of chilli, translucent pastry

vegetable sticky rice v - vegetables and glutinous rice steamed in a lotus leaf (p.s. discard leaf)

hoi sin vegetable puff v - bamboo shoot, vegetables in puff pastry, glazed with honey

Spring Seasonal Special - chilli pork tenderloin - pork fillet rubbed with chilli marinade

Spring seasonal special - crisp potato cake - fluffy potato with soya beans and a crisp coating with chilli bean sauce

crisp potato cake - fluffy potato with soya beans and a crisp coating with chilli bean sauce

fish and black pepper dumpling - griddled wheat flour pastry with hoi sin sauce

crispy prawn balls - king prawn, crisp shredded pastry with fish sauce

mixed vegetable spring roll- vegetables and basil in crisp pastry, with spicy mango sauce

wasabi and amaretto sour - sweet rich almond flavours with a hot after taste – amaretto disaronno, fresh lemon juice, angostura bitters and wasabi

pink winona - sharp and perfumed with sweet bitter flavours – campari, pink grapefruit, finlandia vodka, vanilla and st germain elderflower

passion fruit and lime - exotic, refreshing – passion fruit, fresh limes shaken with jasmine ice tea, asian basil seeds and cardamom seeds

ginseng passion - fresh and citrusy with floral aromas and honeyed bitterness – kamm & sons ginseng spirit, fresh passion fruit, lemon juice , lavender infused honey and ginger

black and pink - well balanced sharp and sour flavours with sweet berries – fresh pink grapefruit juice topped with a blend of blackberries and passion fruit