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Art - Paper Mache`/ Clay Dolls&Figures

Love these figures! I am teaching myself paper clay sculpting and am so inspired by these images. I collect several of these artists works!

Cake Toppers - Bunny Love - Wedding Keepsakes - Original Paperclay Sculptures. PigAndPumpkin

Tabletop Sculpture - Francis Fox - Original Woodland Animal Paperclay Art. PigAndPumpkin

Tabletop Soft Sculpture Paisley Pig Original by PigAndPumpkin

Tabletop Sculpture - Bethany Blue Bird - Original Paperclay Art. by PigAndPumpkin via Etsy.

Tabletop Sculpture - Cassidy the Easter Chick - Original Easter Paperclay Art. via Etsy.

Cake Topper - Emily the Birthday Elephant - Original Paperclay Gourd Art - by PigAndPumpkin

Mini Paperclay Charms by PigAndPumpkin

Mini Charm Brandy Blue Bird Mini Paperclay by PigAndPumpkin

Ornament Barney the Bunny Orignal Easter by PigAndPumpkin

Mini Charm - Delilah Dachshund - Mini Paperclay Sculpture - Necklace OR Ornament.

Tabletop Sculpture - Juliet & Mr. Bird - Original Springtime Paperclay Art - By Pig & Pumpkin

Mini Charm - Pinky the Pig - Mini Paperclay Sculpture - Necklace OR Ornament. By PigAndPumpkin on Etsy

I made this sculpture to help raise money for the recent tornado victims in Oklahoma. From June 10th - 14th you can bid on it and all proceeds will go to this great cause.

Fredrick the Fox Christmas Paperclay Art by PigAndPumpkin on Etsy

Jolly Mr. Snowman Christmas Paperclay Art by PigAndPumpkin, $43.00

Winter Wonderland Jar Paperclay Sculpture by PigAndPumpkin, $43.00