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Art - Paper Mache`/ Clay Dolls&Figures

Love these figures! I am teaching myself paper clay sculpting and am so inspired by these images. I collect several of these artists works!

2,224 Pins

Cake Toppers - Bunny Love - Wedding Keepsakes - Original Paperclay Sculptures. PigAndPumpkin

Tabletop Sculpture - Francis Fox - Original Woodland Animal Paperclay Art. PigAndPumpkin

Tabletop Soft Sculpture Paisley Pig Original by PigAndPumpkin

Tabletop Sculpture - Bethany Blue Bird - Original Paperclay Art. by PigAndPumpkin via Etsy.

Tabletop Sculpture - Cassidy the Easter Chick - Original Easter Paperclay Art. via Etsy.

Cake Topper - Emily the Birthday Elephant - Original Paperclay Gourd Art - by PigAndPumpkin

Mini Paperclay Charms by PigAndPumpkin

Mini Charm Brandy Blue Bird Mini Paperclay by PigAndPumpkin

Ornament Barney the Bunny Orignal Easter by PigAndPumpkin

Mini Charm - Delilah Dachshund - Mini Paperclay Sculpture - Necklace OR Ornament.

Tabletop Sculpture - Juliet & Mr. Bird - Original Springtime Paperclay Art - By Pig & Pumpkin

Mini Charm - Pinky the Pig - Mini Paperclay Sculpture - Necklace OR Ornament. By PigAndPumpkin on Etsy

I made this sculpture to help raise money for the recent tornado victims in Oklahoma. From June 10th - 14th you can bid on it and all proceeds will go to this great cause.

Pig & Pumpkin Co.

Fredrick the Fox Christmas Paperclay Art by PigAndPumpkin on Etsy

Tom the Turkey Thanksgiving Paperclay Art by PigAndPumpkin, $55.00

Jolly Mr. Snowman Christmas Paperclay Art by PigAndPumpkin, $43.00

Winter Wonderland Jar Paperclay Sculpture by PigAndPumpkin, $43.00

Ornament Vincent the Valentine Bunny Paperclay by PigAndPumpkin, $22.00