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Bracelets by Ronaldo

The New Beginnings Bracelet by Ronaldo In all of our lives events occur where you have a new beginning, the scrolls on the New Beginnings Bracelet symbolize a new beginning like the birth of a child, a new grand baby, going off to college or just a fresh start. We have our own new beginnings. The bracelet is a reminder as this is your life you cannot change yesterday but tomorrow can be a bright new beginning.

The 10 Strand Love Knot Bracelet The Love Knot is a wonderful bracelet, & the design indicates two lives becoming intertwined. The flat wires represent the woman who is smooth and the diamond cut wires represents the man who is rough. but together their lives can form a strong bond. The S-51 has a total of ten strands of 14K Gold artist wire that is braided with very incredible accuracy that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

The Devotion Bracelet-This simple but elegant bracelet is made with 14k Gold Artist wire and Mirrored Silver Side wires with 5 diamond shape openings. Each diamond shape opening can symbolize one or many meanings of devotion. Your devotion to your spouse. Your devotion to your children. Your devotion to your parents, brothers & sisters & family. Your devotion to patients as a doctor, nurse, & other medical professional. Your devotion to your country as an enlisted person.

The Dome Bar with Candy Stripe- Quick Overview The Dome Bar Bracelet with Candy Strips is created from beautiful Sterling Silver. It has a high polished surface.

The Wide I Love You - Quick Overview This is a larger version of the very popular smaller “I love you bracelet”. Description The wide “I love You Bracelet” has a simple, yet appealing design that anyone is sure to love. It is made out of ten strands 14K Gold artist wire, with the two outer most wires crossing the bracelet in an "X" pattern.

The name Elizabeth has quite a famous history, being the name of several queens. It also means “God's promise” and was the name of John the Baptist's mother.The Elizabeth Bracelet is created from beautiful Sterling Silver. It has exquisite deep cut etching, surrounded by 2 strands of flat 14K Gold artist wire, and is finished by a single diamond cut wire. This design is from Ronaldo’s Limited Edition Series Bracelets.

The Elizabeth Bracelet by Ronaldo

The Rediscovered Treasure has a combination of 14kt gold artist wire and argentinum silver wires, featuring an x cross over design that is a perfect fit for any occasion. The x hits the spot on this bracelet.

The Rediscovered Treasure Bracelet by Ronaldo

The Morning Glory has 12 strands of 14k Gold Artist Wire woven into a pattern last seen over 900 years ago in Scotland The Morning Glory is on of the hardest items we have ever made and the beauty is mystifying.

One of the most unique braided bracelets ever made. A stunning look with special effects. Tied Together is perfect for true lovers, two peoples lives that are inner twinned is a great choice for that someone special.

The Tied Together Ronaldo

Love Always Three Times The Love, a fantastic bracelet the 9 beads captures all the light. The windows can mean three generations of love, goes great with a diamond ring this item really pops.

The Love Always Three Times the Love Bracelet by Ronaldo

The name Victoria means royalty and has been several Queens’ Name’s. It is no secret That the Victoria bracelet has been one of Ronaldo’s top selling items for many years. Description The Victoria Bracelet is created from beautiful Sterling Silver. It has exquisite deep cut etching, surrounded by 2 strands of flat 14K Gold artist wire, and is finished by a single diamond cut wire. This design from Ronaldo’s Limited Edition Series Bracelets.

The Victoria Bracelet by Ronaldo

The braided pattern is doubled for added strength and sparkle. In life we all enjoy fantastic times, this bracelet is just for you and your fun loving spirit. Have you ever met someone who always lights up the room? This bracelet is designed just for you or your loved one who lives life to the fullness and with passion

The Double Intertwine Bracelet

The Black Onyx bead in the middle symbolizes the person that you have lost (the whole world you shared together), this person could be a brother, a sister, a best or close friend, Mom or Dad. The strand under the bead represents the time you spent with them and the strand on the top represents that person who may be GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

The Remembrance Bracelet by Ronaldo

A beautiful bracelet with many ups and downs, twists and turns. Ronaldo says it is not how many times you are down, but how many times you face adversity and get back up. Let It Shine is one of Ronaldo's favorite bracelets, because behind every dark cloud right around the corner is a silver lining.

The Let It Shine Bracelet by Ronaldo

God created Heaven and Earth, by the seventh day, God's work had finished and he rested on the seventh day. The Six Swarovski Crystal Pearls represents the creation of Heaven and Earth. The Gold or Silver Bead in the middle represents the day God rested and Blessed this day as Holy.

The Creation Bracelet by Ronaldo

The world is a beautiful place and the heavens are magnificent. The Celestial is Ronaldo's way of saying we live on a small planet but are part of something much bigger. The three segments represent the heavens and the earth and you are or that someone special is the center of your personal universe.

The Celestial Bracelet

The Etched in time has 3 sides with a pattern etched in all 3. This is one that is stunning, very soon to be a main accent item for any style, or can be worn by its self. We added a Candy Stripe to really make the 3 sides stand out.

The Etched In Time Bracelet by Ronaldo

This bracelet may be our best design this year. It is stunning. The bar in the center sets off the light, a great feel to the bracelet.

The Rose's Fancy Bracelet by Ronaldo

A great look and feel with 3 side stands with a middle accented by Mirrored Silver wire, four Diamond cut gold and two flat. Stands out when grouped with other bracelets. Great accent piece.

The Sincerely Yours Bracelet by Ronaldo

The Wide Bedazzling Bracelet. This bracelet is a unique item that will make a stunning impression of a lifetime, leaving all those who view the bracelet purely "Bedazzled." This bracelet is made with 5 strands of 14 karat gold artist wire, or sterling silver artist wire. It contains 4 gold or silver beads and one freshwater hand drilled pearl. The unique quality of this bracelet is the hand drilled center, which is then set with rhinestones, encircling the center of the pearl.

The Wide Bedazzling Bracelet by Ronaldo

The Royal Collection Series was inspired by the spirit and elegance of Princess Diana. It is the top collected series. The entire Royal Collection Series of bracelets is now available in Platinum. The series started with fourteen months of development and design challenge, which, ultimately, allowed Ronaldo to alter a specific design into a number of combination's.

The Little Princess Bracelet by Ronaldo

The “Bella” is a beautiful bracelet made from 14k Gold Artist Wire featuring three separate windows with a pearl in each window. The word Bella means Beautiful girl. The Bella in your life could be your mother, daughter or granddaughter and is a perfect gift for that someone special in your life.

The Bella Bracelet by Ronaldo

Inspired by the Ronaldo bracelet and earring combo awarded to the 2013 "Dancing With The Stars" champion, this dynamic bracelet is truly the ultimate in fashion and style. A polished sterling silver "Mirror Ball" hangs on a two-tone gold/silver handcrafted design with a unique center frame. The mirror ball actually spins! Get yours today and "dance like nobody's watching!"