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@EQ Klima this post originally said: have your history teacher explain it if you can laughing so hard right now remember mr Murphy!

Have A History Teacher Explain This If They Can

How come never mention this in school

How come never mention this in school?

And now you know how to whistle with your fingers....and grandma wont be the only one

Use Rustoleum's NeverWet - I love this, it's invisible until it rains! :)

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A high school student was sucked out of an airplane after it was struck by lightning. She fell 3.2 kilometers to the ground still strapped to her chair and lived. Only to endure a 9 day walk to the nearest civilzation. She was the sole survivor of 93 passengers and crew in the December 24, 1971, crash of LANSA Flight 508 in the Peruvian rainforest