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Back to School Teacher Gift - Mason Jar Cookie Jar

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift | The CSI Project

Re-purposed trampoline. Use extra horizontal reinforcement beneath it and hang in the giant oak tree. What kid wouldn't have wonderful day dreams there? Love the little window, though here mosquito netting might be better to let the breeze thru.

Designer DIY Idea: Swinging Bed Made With a Recycled Trampoline

Buy mesh bags from dollar store and fill with downy unstoppables then place in linen closet for fresh smelling towels and sheets all the time!

Linen Storage Solutions

iChair - has an iPhone / iPod dock with built-in personal speakers! #product_design #furniture_design

Relaxation and Music with the Painted Dot iChair

Glowstick solo cups..awesome for an outdoor party at night

48 Glow Stick Party Cups (16-18 oz)

Love this! Cool portion control!

Meal Measure - Portion control on your plate!

floating speakers... MUST HAVE!

Frontgate - Frontgate Outlet - Frontgate Savings

Glitter Calm Jars! (Used for anxiety, eating disorder recovery, self-harm and more). Shake and Enjoy! The time it takes the glitter to swirl and settle back at the bottom of the jar is supposed to be enough time to calm an adult’s fried nerves or distract them from negative thoughts. Plus- who doesn't love glitter?

Cutlery Cleaner: A Sink Mounted Scrubber For Silverware, Knives And Cooking Utensils. Wow would make things so much easier.

Shut. Up. This actually works. So many more movies!! Why didn't I discover this at the beginning of Thanksgiving break?!

Make your bathroom smell amazing by adding a couple drops of essential oil onto the cardboard tube of your toilet paper roll.

Awesome tips on why a white sofa is the best choice for families with young kids, and how to stay sane about furniture stains!

Great idea for visually eliminating computer wires from sight but still allowing you access to them. - I love this idea, cords are so unattractive

Why didn't i find this months ago...Best DIY Painting Tools. Experts list the best tools for painting—including brushes, rollers, paint removers, masking tools, cleaning tools, pouring spouts, poles, ladders and more.

DIY Ice pack: The soap doesn't solidify so it molds to the shape you need. Full site of cheap DIYs!

Make over your refrigerator shelves with drawer liners. Cute and clean!

Preppy Fridge Makeover! (Easiest DIY of your life!)

I agree. Pinterest's team have to solve this situation soon. Every day, my pins are removed, because someone is offended. This is absurd!!

You mix a gallon of glue with glitter, then paint with it, the glue will dry clear... Bam!! Glitter wall!!

Table over the toilet...why didn't I think of this? Looks so much better then those ugly looking 'space saver' things that go over the toilet. Much rather have this!

Sweet. Canada knows what they're doing.