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Pinterest Etiquette

8 Rules of Pinterest Etiquette

8 rules of Pinterest etiquette
  • Edith Fay Metzger

    To all on Pinterest,,,, I am very sorry for my pining,I am a Bernie, an did not think at all how this works, and I am Stell learning, I Stella don't know all of it yet, like how to get pic, of my Owen, but I well learn,, and agent, o sorry, edit Fay Metzger

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What Not To Do On Pinterest - Tips to ensure you are pinning correctly and professionally

What Not To Do On Pinterest - Write On Track
  • B Jean Bishop

    I also find repins to be fun in finding other people with the same interests that I have.

  • B Jean Bishop

    wow that means I still might get banned, hmmmmmmm

  • Lianne

    Agreed, I tend to follow those who repin as generally I find they have at least one boards I like. I've never banned anyone even if they have repinned tonnes. Just don't see the point if they're not being mean to me! Didn't even realise repinning was seen as a problem. I guess if you go through the internet you should be fine.

  • Analisa Mora

    I don't care if some one take half my board, on the contrary: its flattering.... !!! for me and fortunately for many others its all about SHARING,. Some rules are ok: don't bother anybody, don't upload trash.... the rest LET IT BE!!!!! For the ones that don't "like" sharing so much... and that are mostly collecting "followers" and not PINS... for those there is always THE SECRET BOARD !!!!!!

  • Analisa Mora

    I support Kimberley and Tamz words.

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Pinterest Etiquette: 13 Tips to Pin By

Pinterest Etiquette: 13 Tips to Pin By - Heidi Cohen