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Pinterest Etiquette

9 Pins

Pinterest Etiquette

  • 9 Pins

8 Rules of Pinterest Etiquette

8 rules of Pinterest etiquette
  • Edith Fay Metzger

    To all on Pinterest,,,, I am very sorry for my pining,I am a Bernie, an did not think at all how this works, and I am Stell learning, I Stella don't know all of it yet, like how to get pic, of my Owen, but I well learn,, and agent, o sorry, edit Fay Metzger

Pinning Is Good

Proper "Pintiquette" - 5 Tips Every Pinterest User Should Know


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Tips to keep in mind

What Not To Do On Pinterest - Tips to ensure you are pinning correctly and professionally

What Not To Do On Pinterest - Write On Track
  • Kim Mcculley-Burgoon

    I won't pin a pin that has no references or information. If I find one I will look up the information and add it to the pin. Also anyone who wants to pin all my pins is welcome to do so. I had a pinner block me because I pinned 5 pins on one of her boards. I think of it as a compliment and I love sharing ideas.

  • Kim Mcculley-Burgoon

    I totally agree Analisa!

  • Diana's Diary

    I thought the whole concept of Pinterest was to share pins! I often have people pin 50 or so of mine in one go. They are welcome to. It's mean spirited not to share, keep them to yourself and don't put them online if you feel that way. Is this "etiquette" concerning repinning coming from Pinterest or just from a few people with no idea about the joy of sharing?

  • Maren

    It is a karma thing. If you don't give freely, it makes your getting hard :). I am new here and had no idea that people had ideas of limits. If you want to limit KEEP YOUR BOARD PRIVATE PLEASE :) . When we share with each other, the community grows. When we do not, it dies. Thanks for all who share. I appreciate you and I will pay it forward...PIN AS MANY AS YOU WANT AT ONCE! Joy on our journey. -x.Maren

  • Amanda Koh

    I'm totally new. Been re pinning like a mad woman and loving this place for the way I can easily link into very specific types of imagery/art/design so quickly. What an inspiration! I do apologize to anyone that sees my re pinning as spam. Can't stop!

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Pin Etiquette

5 things not to repin on Pinterest - You could be pinning spam! Everyone should read this if you are re-pinning!!!

5 Things Not to Re-Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest Etiquette: 13 Tips to Pin By

Pinterest Etiquette: 13 Tips to Pin By - Heidi Cohen