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What every cubicle needs!

We've selected some promotional products and some items that are just fun to deck out the office cubicle for a fun and productive day!

A phone stand with a stylus is a must-have for any cubicle!

Phone Stand with Stylus Pen

Who can work with only one monitor?!?

EDGE2LITE - Monitor Arms - ESI Ergonomic Solutions

Everyone needs a stress ball in their cubicle! The Mini Mood Stress Football is made from a stress-squeeze material and changes color with the heat of your hand.

I actually have one of these, used it at my old office. gaiam swiss ball chair.

Exercise Balls: From The Gym To The Office

We answered. Every cubicle needs a sock monkey. What?!?!

12 oz Mini Latte Mug is a cozy coffee mug with a curved handle. Available in glossy or matte finish.

Our Social Media Manager is *addicted* to the Gwee™ Button touchscreen cleaning device.