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jewelry tutorials and images

Learning Center for Jewelry Making and Crafts : includes ideas for wedding jewelry

Ring blank -1 wide band Claw prong ring blank in sterling silver eco-friendly - rustic easy mount - on Etsy, $24.99

3 Vintage Brass Flower Pattern Rings Brass Ring Blanks by charmsgalore on Etsy

▶Do you realize that with this product you can rehab any piece of metal jewelry? If it has pealed, cracked, or whatever odd things your metals have done, You can make them AWESOME! Even change from silver to gold, or brass or bronze! Making Your Own Custom Finishes Over Brass Stampings/Gold and Silver Plated Finishes - YouTube

More about Renaissence Wax I love this stuff, too. But I do it a little differently. I use at least 3 coats and have noted that it is even more effective and lasts for a very long time. And when it finally does need a little cleaning I can usually achieve the effect I want by just buffing with a soft cloth to bring back the luster and remove surface dirt.

Part 2: Liver of Sulfur Patinas with Patina Gel continued

  • Cathy Haynes

    Watch # 1, too, both are well worth watching, lots of good info, well presented.

Stamping tips: tape your blank to your block/anvil... this will hold it in place while you're stamping ..... then write out what you want where you want it on the tape… this will act as a perfect guide for your stamping

Jennifer Jangles Blog: Making Metal Stamping Charms and Pendants

14 Ways to Improve Your Drawing Skills in 2014

14 Ways to Improve Your Drawing Skills in 2014

Vinegar and Salt Patina Tutorial. Because homemade patina recipes can have unpredictable results, your vinegar and salt patina on copper may wind up being any shade of green, blue, turquoise – or possibly even something else!

Vinegar and Salt Patina — Jewelry Making Journal

Enameling Tutorial II: Sgraffito

Copperheart: Enameling Tutorial II: Sgraffito

Use old metal trays to make pre-etched components for jewellery. Use metal shears, hole punch blocks and other forming tools like dapping blocks.

Cynthia Murray Design

Dishfunctional Designs: Pipe Dreams: Copper Pipe Jewelry etches with rubber stamps and Stayzon and ferric chloride

Dishfunctional Designs: Pipe Dreams: Copper Pipe Jewelry

"Green" Electro Etching ‹ Inbar Bareket etching silver without chemicals

"Green" Electro Etching ‹ Inbar Bareket

Upcycled Cookie-Tin Earrings, If you want to protect the enameled images, you can cover the parts you want to use with clear tape before you begin your detailed cutouts. Scotch Magic Tape is great for this because it's clear and easy to remove.

If you have problems with patinas not sticking and staying black enough, brush your piece before you use the liver of sulfur

Make Gallery-Worthy Wire Jewelry With Proper Finishing and Patina

How To Make a Ring With Bezel Setting #jewelrymaking

How To Make a Ring With Bezel Setting |

Rhinestone Repair - Re-Foiling Rhinestones

  • Cathy Haynes

    Two types of paint to repair old rhinestones; maybe this paint could be used to add foil to old chandelier crystals? Hobby Lobby has Alclad, which is less expansive than MirraChrome, which is something you get in an auto parts store

The Secret Life of Bezels: Gemstone Setting with Lexi - Jewelry Making Daily - Blogs - Jewelry Making Daily

The Secret Life of Bezels: Gemstone Setting with Lexi

How to Make Spoon and Fork Jewelry Tutorials - The Beading Gem's Journal