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What do those Dremel bits do? Well I’ll tell ya! (3 part blog)

How to Cut Silverware with a Dremel - YouTube

Making Sharp Bends in Wire------link to many tuts on silversmithing

Architectural Cornice Of A Squirrel With Acorns

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay

The Ganoksin Project - video link shows ancient technique for granulation. One fascinating thing-it looks like the jeweler is using egg whites to hold the granules in place prior to soldering.

Bezel Setting A Cab With Sharp Corners

Bezel Setting A Cab With Sharp Corners

does size count ? ;-)

Stone Size Charts


Heat Shield vs. Heat Sink: or Where Do I Put the Tweezers?!

BENCH TIP by Brad Smith | Store yellow ochre in empty fingernail bottles. Yellow ochre is used when you want to be sure the solder will not flow onto an area of your piece while you're soldering on another area. The only problem with ochre is coming up with a good way to store and apply it. Recycled nail polish bottles seal well and have a built-in brush. Prior to re-use, clean out with a little acetone or nail polish remover, and its ready to go. ||

wire gauge Beads : Product Help

How to make your very unique bracelet step by step DIY instructions 400x1964 How to make your very unique bracelet step by step DIY instructions

Line a small dish with aluminum foil, a hand full of baking soda, toss in your silver and top with boiling water. It instantly removes tarnish chemically free. I need to do this.

Stuff Grandma Made: Tarnish-Free Silver with NO WORK!

Jenni Horne : The Right Tool says to hold the to-be-drilled down on a wood surface using your bench block rather than your hands. Great idea!

Jenni Horne : The Right Tools

Making a Better Dremel Buffing Mandrel

Etching glass with a Dremel Rotary Tool