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"During a power outage, set up a tent indoors to conserve inside tent raises tent interior temperature up to 15F above room temperature." true?

Using a Tent to Keep Warm Indoors |

Preppers To Do List: 100 Tasks (How Many Have You Done?)

Prepper’s To-Do List: 100 Tasks (How Many Have You Done?)

Butter Powder-a great source of reasonable dried products.

Butter Powder Food Storage

Five tarp tips to make your emergency shelter secure and safe - Tarp shelters can make a rainy camp out much more bearable. In some emergencies, a tarp might save your life. Here are a few tips for making your tarp shelter more secure.

Is A Free Knife From “Survival Life” A Scam?

Is A Free Knife From "Survival Life" A Scam? -

Bug Out Bag Gear: Snare Wire 24 gauge brass 50-100ft this fine wire is great for snares and trapping. Also good for binding and repairs.

Survival Snare Wire

emergency supplies lists

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