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Making Inferences with Poetry: Great Blog Post, with FREE resources!!!

Upper Elementary Snapshots: Making Inferences with Poetry

Inference Obect-This old discolored t-shirt (with many holes and paint stains) is a great way to help students infer and support with evidence. The question, "Who Wears this Shirt?" is posed at the beginning of the lesson. Using the template from above, I write my students' responses under "Inference". Then I link their inferences with all of the evidence with arrows. For example, one student said the person must have a lot of wild animals in their home (inference) because there are so many hole

Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Inferences Worksheet

You searched for inferences?s=inferences - Have Fun Teaching

FREE Inferring Character Traits Through Dialogue Graphic Organizer, anchor charts, and ideas for mini-lessons!- Young Teacher Love Blog

1.) Tape a name of a celebrity, teacher in the school, or tv character on each students back. Their job is to figure out who they are! 2.) Teach them how to ask… “What am I like?” and phrases like “I know that already”, “What else?” and, of course..”YOU ARE _______” could be used for inferencing This would be good to use for academic vocabulary